Thursday, December 23, 2010

That awkward moment when you realize the person in the car next to you is watching you rock out to the radio.

I like to sing. I'll sing anywhere. I'll sing while I'm walking around, while I'm in my room, while I'm at the mall, but most often, I sing in the car while I'm driving. And I don't just inconspicuously move my mouth along with the words of whatever song is playing, I sing. I'll belt it out with no shame at all.

Part of that stems from the fact that I frequently forget that there is actually no soundproof bubble around my car. So in the summer, when I'm driving around with the windows down, I'll be singing to my heart's content and think that the situation looks something like this:

The music and my voice don't carry outside the bubble. So in my imagination, when I'm driving on a multiple lane road, it looks something like this:

I could be stopped at a stop light with a car next to me and I'll just forget that the person in the other car can actually see and/or hear me. And I'll be singing and singing and then all of a sudden I notice this:

They're watching me. But it's to the point now where I might as well just keep on singing. They've already heard me perform most of the song, might as well finish it.

Yeah. The only things you should take away from this are:
  • Have no shame when singing in your car.
  • I am clearly not an artist.
  • Apparently, according to the last picture, I drive a purple bus-type vehicle. Because that's what it looks like.
Happy festivus.

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