Monday, October 4, 2010

F is for friends that do stuff together.

I have the most amazing friends anyone could ever ask for. And I'm sure that's an overused, somewhat cliched phrase that applies to everyone and their friends, but it's never been more true for me than now.

Whether they're just across town, a half hour away, two hours away, or even four hours away, I know they're always there for me. Even if they take an hour to respond to my texts, I know in the end that they will get back to me. Even if they're not big on being overly emotional or affectionate, I know they've got my back.

Even if I don't agree with them on everything, even if we're studying different things, going to different places, I know that when I need them the most, they'll be there.

They offer me company, support, hugs and ice cream if I need it. They help me see things I didn't see before. They don't make fun of me when I'm a crying, puffy-eyed, sniffling mess. They know that even though I'm a strong person, I have my moments. And when I'm feeling down or I'm at my lowest, they are what helps me through it.

They know that I love them, and I appreciate every single thing they do for me. I might not say it to them often, and I would never be able to say it enough, but I love them and without them, I wouldn't know what to do half the time.

This is for them.

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