Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things that annoy me: A general list.

Something ticked me off on Facebook today, a harmless comment made by someone that just unfortunately pushed me over the edge. So here it is, a list of things that annoy me.
  • Stupid people.
  • People who claim things without valid reasoning.
  • Flyers and Capitals fans.
  • Being cut off by another driver who then proceeds to drive extremely slowly.
  • Getting stuck behind people driving BELOW the speed limit. Just get off the road.
  • People who wear Uggs in late May.
  • High school girls who think they're the shit.
  • Obsessive Twilight fans.
  • Being told that I'm too old to like/do certain things.
  • People assuming things about me because I'm from New Jersey.
  • School.
  • One letter text messages. What was the point?
  • When I keep dying in a video game and have to keep doing the same mission over and over and over and over.
  • Being told I can't be a Rangers fan because I don't live in New York.
  • Being told that I'm short. CONSTANTLY. Seriously, SHUT. UP.
  • Not being able to find a job.
  • Having to find a job.
  • People who hate Harry Potter for NO REASON AT ALL.
  • People who hate Harry Potter in general.
  • When my parents harp on and on about how I'm fat and should lose weight. Thanks. You really know how to help my already crappy self-esteem.
  • When my Nintendo DS dies and I'm in the middle of a Pokemon battle.
  • Being broke.
  • Being called "little one." Don't call me that.
  • When I make lists like this and people are like, "haha, I'm going to annoy you with these!" and then they do and piss me off more. I make lists like this 1. for fun, and 2. so you DON'T piss me off by doing any of these things.
  • Doing the dishes.
  • Living far away from my friends so I can't see them often.
  • This crappy, miserable weather.
  • People being cheerful when I'm pissed off.
  • Immature people.
  • People who don't realize they've crossed a line and should step back before I severely injure them.
That's all for now.

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